Eminent Domain


 Eminent domain is the power of the government to take private property for government use. Although a condemning authority may have the right to take the private property, there are constitutional limitations that include payment of "full compensation" to the private property owner, and the taking must be necessary for a public purpose.

"Full compensation" means that the private property owner should be left in the same financial position as if there were no condemnation proceeding, and the private property owner had simply retained ownership of the property.

When a private property owner is faced with the taking of their property, they are oftentimes left helpless and confused.  When condemnations must occur, I help clients to preserve as much property as possible and to obtain the highest condemnation award available under the circumstances.  I am prepared to protect your rights at each step of the process.

From pre-condemnation planning, initial valuations, settlement negotiations, order of taking hearings, mediation, or when necessary, a trial, I will guide you through the complicated maze of laws, rules and regulations to ensure you receive the maximum compensation from the government.

I spent 15 years working as a consultant for various Florida government entities such as the Central Florida Expressway Authority, the Florida Department Transportation, Polk County, Orange County, Seminole County and Clay County, as well as the Colorado Department of Transportation and several counties in Georgia. 

The benefit of my having been on "the other side" is that I know how government entities operate, their methodology in creating settlement offers and how they negotiate with private property owners.

As an attorney that now represents private property owners, I will use that experience to zealously represent clients who face governmental action of taking their property. My primary purpose is to ensure that your rights are accounted for when your property is identified for acquisition by a government entity.  And, if your property is taken through the power of eminent domain, I will fight to ensure you receive fair compensation for it. 

I work with reputable eminent domain experts which include experienced real estate appraisers, engineers, land planners, general contractors, traffic consultants, soil and environmental experts, forensic accountants, real estate brokers and developers and various other experts to develop and prove the cases of my clients.

If you would like to schedule a consultation to discuss your Eminent Domain case, please call the attorney at 407.478.1001 or you may send an e-mail  to Deborah@PoindexterLaw.com


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